Instant Relaxation Technique (IRT)

In a current society where multi-tasking has become the new normal, it is no surprise that stress, chronic diseases, poor mental health, and lack of focus has plagued us! Even with meditation as a trend, yoga studios on every corner, we still look for a "quick fix" to our troubles! Although I do recommend that you take more than a few seconds a day to relax, to check in with yourself to see how you are feeling, sometimes a moment is all we have time for. Luckily for you, a few minutes of this easy, Instant Relaxation Technique, can help you get to a state of bliss, harmony and a huge smile.


Instant Relaxation Technique

Materials: A chair if you'd like stay sitting

Time: 3 minutes

  • 1. Start by sitting upright or lying down flat on your back. Close your eyes.

  • 2. Observe 3 breaths without changing the quality and sound of your breath.

  • 3. Take 3 deep breaths through your nose. With each breath, fully fill your lungs and notice the sensation of the breath through your nose, throat and chest.

  • 4. Take a deep breath, and hold. Tighten your toes, calves and thighs and hold for 5 seconds. Slowly release.

  • 5. Take a deep breath, and hold. Clench your hands into fists, tighten your hips, abdominals, back and chest and arms and hold for 5 seconds. Slowly release.

  • 6. Take one last deep breath and scrunch all of your facial muscles. Hold here for 5 seconds and then slowly release all the tension.

  • 7. Relax here for a few more deep, cleansing breaths. Roll up to sitting (if you were lying down) and flutter your eyes open

Feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and rested? Leave a comment and share your experience!