begin your healing journey

I help people come back into balance using movement, breathing and meditation. Some common goals for my clients are to live with less pain, less anxiety, more energy, and more agility, and most importantly, with more EASE.

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individual attention 

Taking a 1:1 approach to your yoga practice is a practical, intuitive approach to healing from the inside out. 1:1 therapeutic yoga sessions allow space and dialogue for you to live a vital life. In our sessions together, we will work on yoga postures, breathing, and meditation that specifically fit your needs and goals.

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love your practice

A vital component in healing  is a daily personal practice. We will work together to design an accessible home practice you will enjoy (that's the most important thing!). Your home practice is an evolving entity - it changes over time just as you do!


integrate & heal

As you begin to integrate the effects of your yoga practice in your life,  I am here to support your lifestyle shifts such as food recs, sleep, changes in your practice, etc.  with ease and positivity. 

*Individual sessions are also offered online via Zoom or Skype.*

Change is not a direct or even indirect consequence of yoga or any other practice. We cannot depend on it. What we can count on gaining from our yoga practice is a quieter mind - somehow the heaviness and the jumpiness vanish.

- TKV Desikachar