"The purpose of life is not to have and to hold,

but to give and to serve."

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                                                                                        Bakasana/Crow Pose



Melissa was born and raised in Queens, NY. Growing up with asthma (diagnosed when she was 2), Melissa was used to feeling unwell. She and her sister developed a lengthy list of allergies during grade school.  At 13 years old, her mother introduced her and her sister to yoga. Without realizing the gift she was receiving, Melissa proceeded to practice yoga at an Indian cultural summer camp, where she met her Guru, Sudhir Parikh. At the age of 14, she began to learn different kriyas and pranayama specifically to reduce her asthma symptoms and the side effects - sinus infections, inflammation, immune deficiency, allergies, etc.

Melissa wanted to thrive with vitality and whole body health. Yoga became her medicine, healer, teacher, and her path to wellness. Her dependency on her medications began to cease, and the passion for passing on what she was learning was ignited. Melissa completed her first teacher training in 2012 at Nataraja Yoga Center with Sudhir Parikh, focusing on Hatha yoga, Patanjali teachings, and promotion of positive health. In 2013, Melissa pursued a 200-hour training with YogaWorks, supplementing her journey with anatomy and asana alignment. In 2015-2016, she completed a comprehensive ATMA Yoga 200-hour training with Saul David Raye and Raquel Maria Bueno at Ritam Healing Arts. She currently lives in Nashville and instructs Vinyasa, Hatha, Prenatal and Kids classes at Liberation Nashville and Blooma Nashville. 

Why Find Your Breath?



Having experienced firsthand the infinite benefits of yoga and natural healing, Melissa's wish is that each and every person should have the opportunity to access yoga and all its gifts. Through this website, she hopes to reach those who are passionate, skeptical, neutral, even those who are intimidated to being their journey. The breath, our life force, is crucial in discovering our journey. When we let our breath guide us, the body and mind are clear and calm.